Special characters popup window (palette)

A popup window for web applications to insert XChars markup easily in text fields.


This maven 2 module can be used as a dependency by any other webapp:
Specifying the type 'war' does the trick: every resource in this module - jsp, js, css, properties, gif - is imported, overlaying the war files. Note that this module's web.xml must be excluded from the overlay:
In the dependent webapp, the popup window can be called using this javascript:
<script type="text/javascript" src="xcharsPalette/xcharsPopup.js" />
<form name="theForm">
	<textarea name="theTextarea">blah</textarea>
	<a href="javascript:openSpecialCharacterWindow('theForm', 'theTextarea');">
(or any onClick handler instead of this hyperlink)

Current limitations and issues

  • The javascript call must be done from a page at the root of the application context.