IntEnz curator web application

This is the web application for IntEnz curators.
Since the beginning of the development four versions of the curator tool had been developed, where the first was only a prototype. The second version included more functionality and bug fixes. The third version was a complete reimplementation using the Struts framework. And the current version includes a dependency to Rhea. The following sections will give a brief overview of the implementation and all necessary details to create releases. For detailed code documentation, please refer to the JavaDocs documentation.

Purpose and Requirements

As with every curation tool the basic idea of this tool is to enable curators to maintain the enzyme data stored in the relational database. The main requirements for this tool have been implemented and are listed below.:
  • provide views for ENZYME, NC-IUBMB and IntEnz related data
  • provide a search interface
  • enable the curator to add, amend, delete and transfer entries and add subclasses
  • keep the lifecycle of an enzyme
  • only privileged users are allowed to use the tool
  • provide a means to merge and split enzymes
There have been much more (fine-grained) requirements throughout the last three years, which either have been implemented or discarded. Please refer to the documentation and the BioBabel work package 5 description.

Curator manual

The curator manual is available at the SIB confluence pages.