IntEnz flat file writer module

The IntEnz flat file writer module dumps enzyme data in SIB's enzyme.dat format.
The dump is done every night. The resulting file is downloaded by SIB, and at some point they release a new version of the flat file in both SIB's and EBI's ftp servers.

DE line modifications

EC numbers which have been transferred to more than one target EC number or whose target has been transferred later on, pose a problem as the DE line of the flat file is generated by default using the information in the HISTORY_EVENTS table, that is only one target, and only the next (not the final one).
Other EC numbers are deleted by NC-IUBMB, but SIB prefers to consider them as transferred to existing EC numbers. Their DE line should read "Transferred to..." instead of "Deleted entry".
So we need to translate these DE lines. To that end, we use the file resources/, which lists the EC numbers whose DE line should be changed because of the above reasons, mapped to the new (modified) DE line.
Once a line is added/modified in the file, in order to make it effective you have to deploy a new version of this module to the maven repository, as the overnight cron job takes automatically the latest release (final version, not SNAPSHOT).

Other formatting exceptions

Other exceptions must be done to get the right format. For example, the characters 'sp.' don't mean the end of a sentence. This concrete case is defined in, in the nonSentenceDelimiters variable.
For other cases, like capitalisation exceptions at the beginning of a sentence, it may be necessary to make changes to the intenz-translator module.